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Séber Method Academy founder Ms. Lilla Séber derives her expertise from more than 30 years of professional dancing and teaching experience in both national and international settings.

Throughout these decades she has been carefully observing, studying, and researching specific problems related to dance education.

Driven by her life-long passion to seek out, refine, and combine the smartest of solutions, she was able to create a unique system of training: the Séber Method.

The following seven key elements are its foundations. They work together, cohesively, to offer what we believe is the best solution for a comprehensive ballet and dance education.

Maximizing Individual Potential

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Structured for Individualized Attention

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Flexibility and Productivity

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Supporting Balance in Training and in All Aspects of Life

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A Unique School System with an Original Syllabus

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A Strong Commitment to Cultivating a Positive and Productive Environment

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Performances and Artistic Training

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Maximizing Individual Potential

The best aspects of different training methods combined

We incorporate several different styles of European and American schools of ballet.

Technical Principles Clarified

We ameliorate the traditional training principles of classical ballet by incorporating evidence-based athletic training techniques and kinetic disciplines.

Injury prevention and optimizing function of the kinetic chain

We create a solid foundation by optimizing the functioning of the individual dancer’s kinetic chain, correcting incorrect habitual movement patterns, and preventing injuries and stress commonly attributed to ballet training.

It is our opinion that these sub-clinical issues contribute to burnout and the unnecessary stress of the dancer.

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Structured for Individualized Attention

Train like the stars

It is well proven in the world of ballet that the highest level of professional quality necessitates a high intensity of individualized attention.

Affordable private, semi-private small group classes

Alongside small group classes, students have the opportunity and are encouraged to take semi-private and private classes. These classes are built into the schedule and tuition to guarantee that they are affordable and accessible to all students. Students can choose to take only small group classes. However, these private lessons enhance ballet training substantially.

Class schedules built for personalized attention

We design the school’s schedule to allow for the necessary time to give corrections tailored to each individual.

Monitoring and mentoring

All students receive personal attention from director Lilla Séber, who teaches some aspects of every level in the school. Our individualized attention ensures that students feel fully supported, helping them gain confidence in their dancing and artistry.

Individual assessments, goals and frequent evaluations

Our faculty and director are in constant communication with both students and parents regarding training..

Along with a standard written evaluation, we provide a fully detailed evaluation in 3 pages and in a 90 minute in-person meeting.

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Flexibility and Productivity

Custom-made schedules and schedule alterations

Each schedule is custom-made and can be adjusted within the year depending on the student’s development, the demands of school work, or other important social obligations.

Working one-on-one with each student, Ms. Séber determines the most advantageous course of study by creating a personalized program.

Level advancements throughout the year

Students are permitted to advance to the next level as soon as they accomplish their current level.

Our students’ schedules are designed to target individual goals and are combined with the possibility of adjusting the intensity of training and level within a year, allowing students to advance quickly through the curriculum.

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Supporting Balance in Training and in All Aspects of Life

The importance of balance in our approach to training

We combine strict discipline and a high intensity of focus with joy, excitement, and self-expression.

Developing a pure classical look simultaneously with free and dynamic movement

For well-rounded technical development, we combine the details and precision of placement training that creates beauty and functionality in dance with the excitement and strengthening aspects of moving freely, developing virtuosity in advanced steps.

Empowerment through the art of ballet

Dance offers an emotional enrichment and artistic fulfillment that enhances one’s being. We believe that ballet training should strengthen one’s personality, self-image, and confidence.

Enabling a balanced life schedule

We understand the demands of school work and family obligations.Our training system supports the balance of ballet education as a part of life.

Custom-made schedules can be adjusted around academic workloads, either through choosing preferred days of the week or through shifting training with different semesters. The high productivity of our training program and the specific structure of the school allows for schedule changes without compromising the quality of training.

Students will also gain knowledge of their personalized supplementary training exercises and technical training principles, so that if they have to miss a class they will be able to work individually.

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A Unique School System with an Original Syllabus

Training program divisions and levels

Our Classical Ballet Track and Performing Arts Track can be attended as a part of the full-time or part-time division.

Junior Division students can have the choice of focusing on classical ballet or the performing arts.

We have 11 different levels within the Classical Ballet Track, including 4 Junior levels.

Our Performing Arts Track has 3 different levels.

Multifaceted curriculum

Our curriculum consists not only of the traditional goals of defined ballet steps, but also of technical training accomplishments and artistic development.

Defined class focus

Each class concentrates on an assigned, specific topic to provide an ample amount of time to accomplish all aspects of training.

Students may select specific class topics to support their individual goals.

Dual level assignments

Our syllabus allows students to work simultaneously in two levels, as advanced or as elementary as is most beneficial for their development.

This has proven to be the most effective solution for correcting missing or lacking elements from previous years of training without slowing down the student’s progress: it allows them to quickly master more advanced steps but on an ever more solid foundation.

Dual level assignments also create a kind of balance in the student: cultivating patience and focus in placement technique work on one hand, while also experiencing the inspiration, the excitement, and the benefits of and the benefits of strengthening advanced steps on the other.

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A Strong Commitment to Cultivating a Positive and Productive Environment

Our expert faculty

Our school employs and trains faculty members who are knowledgeable in both traditional and current training systems and techniques, and who are committed to creating a positive, nurturing and productive learning environment. All of the faculty at Séber Method Academy have and who have professional dance experience or are certified in their respective cross-training disciplines.

Effective psychological principles

We pride ourselves in effective psychological principles, producing a positive atmosphere and a constructive learning environment. Through our faculty’s extensive knowledge and our school’s unique structure, the students’ development is very productive, which in turn also promotes positivity.

Master teachers and guest choreographers

We utilize master teachers to expose students to current U.S. and international standards.

Guest choreographers are always available to create solo works for students.

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Performances and Artistic Training

Showcasing and improving technique through the educational tool of performance

Our performance intensives, which conclude in performances, serve as an effective educational tool. In addition to teaching the essential skills for performing, the inspiration and excitement of these experiences connect the intricacies of the technicality of classical ballet with the joy and confidence of performing.

Through individually selected material for students, our performances are directly designed to aid our dancers in accomplishing technical goals.

Developing versatile performance skills

We believe in the importance of learning to perform advanced steps and solos from an early age. It is essential to learn these skills for professional or college auditions.

Learning to perform in all different genres allows dancers to develop artistry and an individual performance style.

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