Showcasing and Improving Technique Through the Educational Tool of Performance

Our performance intensives, which conclude in performances, serve as an effective educational tool. In addition to teaching the essential skills for performing, the inspiration and excitement of these experiences connect the intricacies of the technicality of classical ballet with the joy and confidence of performing.

Through individually selecting material for students, our performances are directly designed to aid our dancers in accomplishing technical goals.

Developing Versatile Performance Skills

We believe in the importance of learning to perform advanced steps and solos from an early age. It is essential to learn these skills for professional or college auditions.

Learning to perform in all different genres develops dancers to have an individual performance style and artistry.

Performance Intensives

There are two performance intensive sessions in a school year, each concluding with performances. They each last 3-4 weeks and are usually scheduled at the beginning of December and early or late spring. We schedule the performances so that the busiest times of academic studies and holidays are avoided. ​ Participation in the performances is optional. We still offer ballet technique classes during the performance sessions for those students not performing. ​ Performing students retain their original custom-made schedule for the intensives. Class time is reduced to one shortened technique class per day and level. The remainder of the classes becomes rehearsal time. ​ Students interested in performing must take technique classes in the corresponding genre throughout the session leading up to the performance day.

Performance preparation for Intermediate and Advanced Levels

In these levels, participation is recommended but not mandatory.

Group pieces of classical ballet are rehearsed during the semi-private classes.

Group pieces for the jazz, contemporary and ballroom classes are rehearsed during their scheduled class times.

In order to perform a solo or demi-solo in the performance, either in classical ballet or in other genres, students must have enough semi-private or private classes in their schedule or they must add additional time to rehearse.

Additional performance opportunities for CBPT and PAPT

Students selected for our professional tracks are required to perform in our two annual performances.

These students will always present either a solo or a pas de deux in our productions.

As a part of the intense and serious training, we also select students from these tracks for additional performing opportunities that include: outreach performances, artistic collaborations and tv and film appearances.

Some students in these tracks will also be invited to participate in prestigious competitions such as Youth American Grand Prix. If chosen, students will have personal, one-on-one coaching to prepare for the competition. These tracks are by audition only.​

Performance preparations for the Junior Division

The Junior Division prepares for the performance within their selected classes during the Performance Intensive. There may be a half an hour added to one of their group classes to provide the necessary rehearsal time.

If a student is interested and ready to pursue a solo work, either in classical ballet or in other genres, it is best if they schedule a Performance Private at the beginning of the corresponding 10-week session. This will allow sufficient time to prepare.

If a student would like to have their own solo choreographed for them in any genre, scheduling additional time with the choreographer is required. This opportunity must be approved and arranged by Ms. Séber.

In-Residence Youth Companies

In addition to the yearly school performances, youth companies perform in festivals and prestigous occasions held throughout the DC metropolitan area.

Acceptance to the Youth Companies are by audition only. The students have to be technically ready, understand and fully commit to the responsibilities of performing.

Regular attendance of techniqual training classes are a must. All dress and technical rehearsals are mandatory to attend.