We are committed to the health of our community. Please read this document carefully and explain the guidelines to your students. Our mutual efforts in implementing these safety procedures will make our environment as safe as possible.

We have thoroughly researched the CDC, WHO and DC COVID-19 guidelines and are keeping up to date on them. We are focusing on controlling the various ways of transmission, such as through surfaces, droplets and aerosol contamination.

Please be very diligent in following our rules so we can keep the Séber Method Academy community safe!

Temperature and Symptom Checks

Recent data has proven that while temperature checks are very important in terms of prevention, checking for symptoms is a priority in preventing the spread. We will be taking temperatures at the front studio entrance and will not be allowing anyone into the studio if they have a fever, sore throat, chills, sneezing, and/or coughing, even if it is related to allergies!

Required Disclosures for COVID-19

If any student or their family have been exposed to someone who has COVID-19, or if they or anyone in their household has it we are requiring them to notify us immediately via email.

Uncertainty of Exposure

Out of an abundance of caution, even if the student is not sick (any sneezing, coughing, sore throat, fever, nausea) but someone in their household is, we will ask them to not come into the studio!

Make-up Classes/Cancellations


We will allow students to carry over makeups throughout the year instead of confining them to each session in an attempt to encourage students to stay home when they or their families are unwell.


Since we are capping our classes at a limited number, we want to ensure everyone is able to attend. We have made late cancellations start two hours before the beginning of class. This means if you sign up but are unable to attend, please cancel two hours or more before class to make sure others may attend. Some of our classes are still capped at 8 students in-studio.

If you have an urgent matter and have to cancel at the last minute, please let us know via email and we can evaluate the possibility of saving your class.

Once you cancel a class, your funds will stay in your MindBody account, it will not be transferred to our account, and you are able to use it when you sign-up for any other class with us.

Masks Are Mandatory

Everyone must wear a mask at all times in common areas (lobby, restrooms, hallways).


Masks are always required for all faculty and students in youth classes.


Masks in the classrooms are determined by each group unless a state mask mandate is in place.

Generally, if a class (students and teacher) collectively decide that they would like to dance without masks participants must show their vaccination card to the front desk staff and if a student is not vaccinated they will need to keep wearing their mask. There can be exceptions to this rule if a student present is immunocompromised.

As of July 31, 2021, D.C. requires a mask indoors for all people over the age of 2, regardless of their vaccination status.

Physical Distancing

Students and staff should remain properly distanced unless receiving corrections or instruction.

Conversation Limitations

There should be no conversations in the building and essential conversations must be kept under 5 minutes; this is to prevent the accumulation and spread of aerosol transmission.

Air Exchange & Disinfection

Séber Method Academy staff will be airing out and fully disinfecting the floors, barres, bathrooms, cubbies and bins between groups of students.

Equipment & Towels

Students will not be allowed to use any Séber Method Academy equipment, including mats. Students will be asked to bring a large towel from home during studio visits as the virus lasts a shorter amount of time on cloths compared to rubber/plastic mats. We recommend washing the towel in hot water after use.

Hand Wash & Sanitizer Use

Students must wash their hands or use hand sanitizer upon entry to the studio and use hand sanitizer between classes.

Possession of Personal Hand Sanitizer Required for Each Student

All students will need bring their own hand sanitizer. To be effective against COVID-19, hand sanitizers must have at least 60% ethyl alcohol or 70% isopropyl alcohol and should be allowed to dry for 30 seconds.

Bathroom Use

Bathrooms will be assigned based on studio assignment.

Studio 1a and Studio 1b

Bathroom close to studio in office lobby.

Studio 2

Upstairs back hallway bathroom.

Studio 3

Upstairs front hallway bathroom.

The additional bathroom in the office lobby is reserved for staff. To minimize bathroom usage, please have your student use the bathroom before coming.

Students Under 5

Students under the age of 5 will need a parent present with them throughout the duration of their class. Parents are to sit in the studio with their student or outside of the classroom in the hallway.

Entering/Exiting the Studios


Spacing and Entry Check

Students will need to line up 6 feet apart to undergo our symptom check by our staff at the Wisconsin Avenue front entrance.

Parents will be asked to wait outside (either in the car or sidewalk) until students complete their check-in.

Temperature Check

All students and staff will have their temperature checked via our contactless thermometer before entering the building.

The equipment we have measures also on the wrists, so students will be asked to reach their arms out.

Symptoms Check

All students and staff will need to respond to a verbal symptom check.

Application of Hand Sanitizer

All students and staff must apply hand sanitizer prior to entering the building and confirmation of the student’s possession of personal sanitizer!


Spacing and Entry Check

To make it a more efficient process, the front door will remain locked and adult students will enter from the back door to meet the front desk person in the entryway to be checked in. To make sure that everyone is being checked in correctly, the upstairs studios will remain locked until 5 minutes before class starts (not with classes in 1a or 1b). All students are welcome to warm up in the studios downstairs.

Temperature Check

All students and staff will have their temperature checked via our contactless before entering the building.

Symptoms Check

All students and staff will need to respond to a verbal symptom check.

Only Academy Students On Premises

No parents, family members or friends will be allowed inside the building at any point.

Arrival Time Requirements

Students may not enter until 15 minutes prior to their class time and may not be more than 10 minutes late. Doors will locked before and after our check-in times.

Hand Wash Required After Entry

Keeping proper distancing, students are to go directly to their designated bathroom to wash their hands and then directly to their studios. There should be no conversations in the hallways.

Rear Stair Use Restrictions

While walking the rear stairs, there should be only 1 person going up or down at a time. Priority is given to the person at the top of the stairs and the person at the bottom of the stairs should wait until they are completely clear.

Dressing Rooms

The dressing room is only there for changing. Please do not eat or socialize in there.

No Shoes Inside the Studio

Absolutely no shoes will be allowed inside the studios! Shoes are to be left outside the studio in designated cubbies.

Post-Class Exit Procedures

After classes, students must go directly to the rear door to exit. Parents are to meet their children there and should NOT enter the building.

Post-Class Pickup Time

Students must be picked up within 10 minutes of the end of their class.

If pickups are consistently late, we will ask that your student be taken out of the rotation in the studio.

Séber Method Academy will be airing out and sanitizing the studios between groups and it is necessary that students leave the studio immediately after their class time is over.

Séber Method Academy Staff Presence

We will have a staff member present for all check-in, check-out, and at all times while students are there, but we are discouraging any conversations with them unless absolutely necessary.

Communications by Email and Phone Requested

Please use email and phone to discuss matters whenever you can.

Socialization at Studio Discouraged

Please remind your students that this is not a place to socialize.

We have this arrangement so that students can work in the studio, not to spend time with peers.

We request that students, parents, family members, and guardians honor these procedures to protect the Séber Method Academy community as best as possible.