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Amy and Joel Bacon

parents of Advanced Level 1 student Annie Bacon

Séber Method Academy offers a combination of small classes and private training to students aspiring to be professional dancers. Lilla Séber is able to customize a training program to the specific needs of each dancer. She communicates with the students in a positive yet constructive way, so they are always working to perfect their technique and gain confidence as dancers and in other aspects of their lives. We believe Lilla has the unique ability to see small details that need correction and to explain to the dancer how to make the correction. Therefore, problems that may have been overlooked in previous training are addressed in an effective way. This allows the students to train productively and become extremely polished dancers.

In addition, Séber Method Academy balances this rigorous training with appropriate conditioning techniques to ensure the health of the dancers. Students are able to work at a faster pace, while minimizing stress on the body. Our daughter has been training with Lilla for five years, and it is incredible to see the progress made in a very short amount of time.

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Caitie Belle Yevoli

Advanced Level 1 Student

The Seber Method Academy Summer Intensive has truly strengthened me and helped me to flourish as a dancer. The intense schedule and challenging classes gave me the opportunity to work to my fullest potential as a dancer. Although the classes are demanding, I still found myself surrounded with positive energy on a daily basis. I am grateful for the opportunity provided by knowledgeable and caring teachers everyday. I would recommend it to all dancers looking to perfect their technique and improve their strength.

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Charlotte Lanning

Professional Dancer

As a professional dancer it has been so wonderful to be able to work with Ms. Lilla. I use my time off to go back and connect with her. The class structure allows me to specifically target areas of my dancing and artistry that I need to further enhance. A dancer can never stop improving. Ms. Lilla has opened new doors for me by pushing me in ways that I did not know possible. She uses a very narrow focus on certain class topics to improve. We work on that and continue to another topic in another class. This narrow focus has been so valuable to my improvement.

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Jennifer Maclennan

parent of Lindsay Advanced Level 1 student

I am so grateful that we found Seber Method Academy for our daughter, Lindsay (age 16). She was very honored to be invited into the Professional Training Program at The Washington School of ballet two years ago. However, she knew that the time commitment related to that program would too much for her to balance her academics and personal life so she declined the invitation. She wanted to find a school that allowed her scheduling flexibility without sacrificing high caliber dance training. Seber Method Academy was the solution.

Lindsay was able to tailor her schedule of classes with the director, Lilla Seber. Not only does her schedule allow her three days off each week, but she also has vastly improved her technical skills. She has more individualized attention due to the small class sizes, with a truly knowledgable faculty, which enables her to advance at a faster pace. Lindsay really enjoys the personalized training the Academy provides as well as the life balance. I am so happy that we found this ballet program for Lindsay so that she could continue pursuing her passion.

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Mia Cuneo

Advanced Intermediate Student

“The summer program was the most productive 3 weeks of my life! Every day I was pushed to be the best dancer I could be. Miss Lilla understood my strengths and weaknesses- technically, physiologically and artistically.”

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Raya Kenney

Performing Arts Track student

While I love ballet, modern dance is my passion. Séber Method Academy has created an avenue for me to pursue that passion by working with a well-established guest choreographer who created a solo piece for me. In our Spring Concert 2017 I was invited to perform one of my own choreographed pieces. These opportunities, in addition to amazing technique classes, help make me a more well-rounded dancer.

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Leslie Ross and Andre Carter

parents of Maxine Carter Intermediate Level 5 student

The professional team of instructors have worked with her closely, providing personalized corrections that have lead to visible physical changes in her form required for her reach the next level.

Séber Method Academy has been transformative for our precocious 11 year old. She has always been advanced for her age but Séber Method Academy changed her understanding of those abilities, but more importantly, how to refine her talents in order to move forward towards her ultimate goals in dance and life. Séber Method Academy has fueled her passion for ballet and expanded her possibilities within the dance world. Séber Method Academy works with her to each Session to construct a flexible and rigorous training schedule that aligns with her school commitments, focuses on areas that need fine tuning and provides instruction in other genres. The professional team of instructors have worked with her closely, providing personalized corrections that have lead to visible physical changes in her form required for her reach the next level. Séber Method Academy has fueled improvement of her unique abilities while helping her to focus on areas that need improvement. Our daughter has benefitted from being able to train simultaneously with students her own age as well as with students at advanced levels giving her a unique opportunity to be part of her own peer group and be mentored by older students. She loves being able to concentrate on classical ballet while applying those techniques to contemporary and jazz so she can express herself artistically in other forms. The elements of the Method combined with the small class size and semi private approach has developed a commitment within her toward reaching true technical mastery. The professionally produced Winter and Spring performances are crafted to showcase the students strengths and hard work. Perhaps most important as a parent is the quality of the Séber Method Academy dancers as people. They are kind, supportive, hard working and high character young adults. Séber Method Academy has not only empowered our daughter’s pursuit of her dreams and aspirations, but also given her a peer group with whom she can share that journey.

Séber Method Academy is a personalized training experience that has provided both a clear path to success and a second home for our daughter. We feel as lucky as we are happy.

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Theresa Mastrangelo

parent of Intermediate Level 5 student Maria Bendickson

My 15 year-old daughter was determined to find a school in which she could achieve a high level of serious ballet instruction, but with a sense of compassion, an appropriate peer group, and a sensitivity to her physical wellbeing. Although we are new to the school this year, we knew right away from the audition with Miss Lilla that the Séber Method Academy would be a place where she could meet her goals. Miss Lilla met us in cheerful, smiling manner, then she spent over an hour of careful observation in the one-on-one audition. She was positive in her corrections, challenging my daughter, yet at the same time, making her feel her hard work would pay off. My daughter ended the audition knowing that she had gaps in her previous dance education, but that at the Séber Method Academy, she would find a rigorous environment in which to overcome those, within a cheerful and warm environment, and that she could advance quickly with dedication and perseverance. Having suffered a hip injury due to ballet a few years ago, she was also attracted to the school because of complementary services in addition to dance instruction, including physical therapy, massage, chiropractic care, and nutritional counseling.

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